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Finishing   |   Sharpening methods   |   Homemade cutting tools   |   Bowl troubleshooting   |   Headstock alignment   |   Make a chest of drawers for the workshop   |   homemade compasses   |   Workshop tips
Lots of turners develop their own ideas for tools and working methods. You can see some of mine on these links. With a craft as ancient as woodturning, I can't claim much originality, but I think some things are a bit different. 

Do look at my woodturning blog while you are here.

Based in London, I give tuition at very reasonable rates. Anything from a half-day introduction to a course that will give you a thorough grounding. Call me on 020 8361 5391 for further information. 

If you have any questions or comments you can contact me via my feedback page.

If you find these pages useful and have your own website or blog, I hope you will link to mine. 

Please take care, both in the making and use of tools. There can be risks if you exceed their safe limits. Don't use homemade tools if you aren't sure of these boundaries. If you can't rely on your own judgement, don't try it! 

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