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About me

I am a woodturner of more than thirty years experience, and have sold my work to galleries, gift shops and at craft fairs. As well as making the pieces on this site, I produce components for Greaves and Thomas, the UK's only traditional globe maker.

I taught myself to turn. I read books on turning, watched videos and DVDs, and attended demonstrations and seminars. I learned a lot from watching other turners. When I began, there was little or no training available. Now there are turning  courses provided for beginners. But perhaps the best way to learn may be to make all the mistakes, recognise them, and work out how to avoid them in future!

I enjoy woodturning. I particularly like making bowls and vases. They have an infinite variety, and give freedom for artistic expression. Spindle turning, which is the process by which my wooden mice, cord pulls, and much of my production work, are made, is very versatile and the disciplined repetition and long practice at this has helped develop my turning skills.

I give individual attention to the form and finish of each piece I make, whether it is a spectacular bowl or a simple cord pull, and nothing leaves my workshop unless I believe that my customer will be delighted with their purchase and I hope come again!

I am working to improve my web site to be not just a sales platform, but an information resource. Here you will find my articles about the craft of woodturning, some of them of general interest and others more technical. I keep a diary of my day-to-day woodturning activities, that I hope will be of interest, and perhaps useful to other turners. 

Terry Vaughan
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